This site was built using Jekyll. The logo is set in FF Unit Light by Erik Spiekermann. I used Adobe Illustrator to save the logo as an SVG format and manually edited the resulting file for the web. Text and headings are set in Open Sans by Steve Matteson provided by Google Fonts API. The four colors used are Red 600, Red 900, Brown 50 and Brown 100 from Google material design.

I built the CSS using inuitcss — an OOCSS, BEM, Sass framework by Harry Roberts. Since inuitcss does not have extensive documentation yet, I used the source of Harry’s site, CSS Wizardry, for insight into how to setup inuitcss. You can also see the inuitcss Getting started repository for more information. Thanks, Harry!

Also, hat tip to Mig Reyes for inspiration.

If you’re interested, the source is code is available on GitHub.